Why work for us

Our Culture

We operate in an open, energetic and dynamic retail environment and our culture reflects this approach. Our success has been built on a number of core company values that are central to everything we do. They are:

  • Put the customer at the centre of everything that we do.
  • Develop our people so that they do it better every time.
  • Listen to our customers and each other.
  • Treat each other well so we treat our customers well.
  • Always do our best.
  • Have fun, recognise and share success and give support when required.
  • Support our local communities.

Employee Development

We want our people to be happy and to enjoy their work, feeling that they have all the skills they need to do their job to the best of their ability. So we offer excellent training and development programmes, regularly assessing the development needs of our people to offer support to achieve their potential.

We always offer a detailed induction to the business, regardless of department or job role and we’ll help you to settle in as best we can. We want you to understand how important your role is and to make you enthusiastic about working for us.

The majority of training we offer is on-the-job, but we also run regular development sessions for all levels of staff. We are always keen to help any of our people who want to push themselves that little bit further and provide them with the tools to achieve it.

A significant number of our people have already been promoted to new positions within the business and we regularly praise and reward our staff when expectations have been exceeded.

Total Compensation

At Ulster Stores, we believe that there is much more to rewarding our staff than just ‘basic pay.’ That’s why we have developed and fostered a work environment where participation is encouraged and performance is recognised. Our employees enjoy benefits extending well beyond basic pay and are amongst the most generous in retail today. We believe in the concept of Total Compensation.

Many elements go towards making Total Compensation. In addition to basic pay, our employees enjoy the benefit of generous staff discounts in store of up to 30%, extensive annual holiday leave, a contributory pension scheme, funded life assurance and financial assistance with further education.

Basic Pay:

Basic pay is important and our company rates of pay are very competitive and we continually benchmark our jobs against the ‘market place,’ ensuring that basic pay remains attractive to new staff and at the same time, provides good reward for established employees.


Employees are eligible to join the Group Personal Pension Scheme. This is a contributory pension scheme with both employee and employer each contributing to your fund. Employees can make additional voluntary contributions in line with the rules of the scheme.

Life Assurance Cover:

Life assurance cover is provided by the company to all employees.

Holidays and Holiday Pay:

Employees enjoy generous holiday entitlement and can occasionally earn time in lieu for additional hours worked.

Training & Development:

Employees are provided with relevant job training and our induction procedures are second to none. We encourage all our staff to seek opportunities for development, ensuring the achievement of competitive advantage at both an individual and business level.

Internal Development Opportunities:

At Ulster Stores progression is based on merit and as all vacancies are advertised internally and externally, you will be able to find out where the openings are. Furthermore, if you are mobile, then you don’t have to restrict yourself to the store you were recruited into – you can apply for any position in any store!
Approximately 50% of current staff have been developed and/or promoted since joining the company.

We value our people. It is people who make things happen. That is why we want to build a secure future together. We want to build a team of professionals who are always learning, are customer focussed and make the best use of their abilities.

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